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Dental Insurance

The Benefits of a Dental Plan

Dental work can be expensive, but trying to work through the maze of dental coverages to find the best plan can seem just as bad. I for one believe that dental insurance is one place where you really need to work with an insurance agent to help you through the process, but before you do that, here are some of my thoughts on dental insurance.

1. Should I get dental insurance?
Well I do, I get a basic preventative coverage that includes my dentist. The coverage that I used to have cost about twenty dollars a month and allowed me to go to the dentist twice a year with no copay. If I needed dental work the insurance paid half the bill for minor things, but not much for more expensive dental work, so it forced me to go to the dentist regularly (if I was paying for it, I was going). I realized that if I went regularly, and followed my dentist directions, I didn’t have the big problems.

Now that I’m on a Medicare Advantage the plan covers my basic preventive coverage at zero cost.

2. Is my company plan the way to go?
Actually, in many cases yes, but you need to check a few things. First, what is the maximum that the plan will cover in a given year. If you’re paying $20 a month for a plan, and it covers two checkups, cleanings and $1,000 worth of work, that sounds pretty good; but if you need to pay $50 for that same coverage you might do better on the open market.

One of the benefits of signing up with a good company plan is that it could be portable, that is if you leave the company you might be able to keep the plan. Check with your benefits manager of your HR department for more information.

3. What about my budget?
If you are currently living from paycheck to paycheck with little money saved, it might actually be better to have dental insurance. The reason is that if you do run into dental problems and have to pay using a credit card then the interest payments on the card can be far worse than having paid a little for dental coverage.

If you can participate in a quality health plan at work, do it. Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) plans can be one of the best ways to get the coverage you need. Of course, nothing beats brushing, flossing and seeing you dentist regularly for prevention. Seeing your dentist every six months is the best insurance against large dental bills. And see an insurance agent to help you get the right coverage, you’ll be glad you did.

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