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What Clients Say

“I have found Jim Rosenquist to be an awesome human being. Recently I asked Jim for info about my brother-in-law who has Medicare and VA medical benefits. Shortly after, he called me to ask if my brother-in-law was in during Vietnam, because there was a coverage that would allow disabled Vets to receive home Aid & Care benefits to his family in the amount of $1800 per month above his Social Security benefits.

That’s a huge help to his struggling family. His Medicare help was right on too. From myself & my sister, we thank Jim for his service to the community.”

David B.

Flood Relief, Inc. / Dave's Carpet Rescue

“Based on my business experience with Jim, he is creative, very pleasant to work with, and genuinely concerned with meeting the unique needs of his clients, like myself. He has a comprehensive understanding of his profession, and owns a command of the nuances that differentiate the wide variety of alternatives available in his marketplace.

Jim listened effectively to the standards that I set forth, and delivered an excellent value solution. I encourage as many as possible to spend some quality time with Jim, and get to know him personally. Thank you, Jim, for your great service and continued follow-up.”

Arthur L.

Lincoln Financial Securities